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5 Red-Hot Jewelry Trends to Shop for in Las Vegas 

It’s prime buying season in the jewelry industry—time to stock up on styles poised to move briskly this fall and throughout the holiday season. You’ll pick up your classic styles, sure, but what new looks are worth investing in? Check out our short list of looks that are bound to be trending through New Year’s 2022:


Nakard necklace
Large Tile Riviere necklace in pink opal; $2,750; Nakard by Nak Armstrong


Short “Rivière” Necklaces

Short necklaces—longer than chokers, but under 16 inches in length—encircled in gems (called rivière necklaces) are having a moment, particularly when worn in multiples to create a fetching jumble of color and shine. Check out industry writer Amy Elliott’s story on tennis necklaces, which are driving the trend. And to master the layered look to teach your clients, click on Instagram influencer Tinx, who’s been sporting layered shorties for months. 


Lauren K earrings
Joyce emerald, tanzanite and boulder opal earrings; $7,645; Lauren K Fine Jewelry


Mixed Colored Stone Pieces

Colored gemstones pieces are evergreen at this point (though pre-2000 they were considered fringe, if you can imagine). Jewelry lovers looking to update the look are flocking to pieces that incorporate more than one color of gemstone—be it two different colors of the same stone in one piece, or two or more different gems anchored in the same design. NYC-based jewelry brand Lauren K. and Simon G. (who’s been playing with the two-tone watermelon tourmaline recently) will be among the Vegas vendors offering earrings, rings, and necklaces that pair various stones and gem colors. Also look out for moi et toi and other creative ring designs that artfully mash together two or more vivid hues. 


Emily Kuvin Charms
Stella Cluster Necklace with three 14k gold and gemstone charms; $3,700; Emily Kuvin Jewelry Design



Charms aren’t a new trend, but they’re still hotter than a fiery furnace in mid-August. Why? Modern jewelry consumers love to mix and match elements to create looks that feel special and personalized—not canned or copycat-y. Charms offer versatility, cross age and gender boundaries, and (as they’re usually relatively low in price) lure the “starter” fine jewelry buyer. Which is why some of the most creative designers in the industry, including Alex Sepkus, Polly Wales, Emily Kuvin, and Sofia Zakia, drop alluring new charms with regularity. 


Nancy Newberg Modern Love collection
Modern Love collection rings (genderless) from Nancy Newberg Jewelry; prices vary


Gender-Free Jewelry

Male pop stars including Harry Styles, the Jonas Brothers, and Justin Bieber have made wearing strings of pearls, drop earrings, and other jewelry styles formerly deemed “feminine” cutting-edge cool. Simultaneously, there’s been an uptick in brands that have introduced gender-fluid jewelry collections (see XX/XY by Eva Fehren, Undefined, and Ceremony). It’s a trend that expands opportunities for those jewelry retailers who tend to cut men out of the selling equation. Buy with the fashionable guy in mind!


Melissa Kaye bracelet
Ada 18k pink gold bracelet with diamonds and hot pink enamel; $10,850; Melissa Kaye


Vivid Enamel

Jewelry incorporating enamel has sold briskly for several seasons now, but trend-setting designers including Melissa Kaye and Alison Chemla of Alison Lou have cranked the volume up to eleven on the trend recently by introducing collections and pieces that utilize ultra-bright and neon-colored enamel. Paired with diamonds, the electric hues feel irreverent, playful, and destined to be coveted by Millennial and Gen-Z jewelry lovers. 

Top photo: Pixabay via Pexels

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