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13 Reminders that Sapphire is a Many-Splendored Thing

It’s September’s birthstone, but most jewelry lovers happily claim an affinity for sapphire. After all, few things are as breathtaking as, say, the electric blue of an exceptional Burmese sapphire, or the luminous periwinkle blue of a star sapphire (or 45 of them if you’re Oscar Heyman—see below).


Certainly, it’s a stone most consumers recognize and appreciate. Can anyone think of sapphires without recalling the late Princess Diana’s 12 ct. oval sapphire engagement ring (which now belongs to Duchess Kate)? The savviest retailers know this, and assort their collections (and gild their Instagram feeds) with remarkable blue beauties hailing from Montana to Madagascar.


Like the first colorful crocuses pushing out of the wintry ground at the start of spring, sapphire jewelry can energize a display case filled with icy white diamonds to dramatic effect.


Top designers, indie and otherwise, tend to seek out the full spectrum of sapphire shades, from the duskiest grays to the loveliest lilac-pinks. They jumble them, color-order them into painterly ombré concepts, or prioritize the oddballs—bicolors, fantasy cuts—to give them pride of place in an engagement ring.


Meanwhile, rainbow sapphire jewelry is still in demand, shows no signs of fading, and is now widely available in every imaginable price point. As for the jewels below? From out-of-this-world opulent to everyday elegant, they take the conventional sapphire palette and rather spectacularly crank up the volume. Feel free to sing along.

MS Rau sapphire ring
Ring in 18k white gold and titanium with 15.07 ct. Burmese sapphire center stone, and opal, tanzanite, diamond accents, $585,000; M.S. Rau


Baby Malak Nada Ghazal
Baby Malak Original Bonbon ring in 18k gold with multicolored sapphires, $5,000; Nada Ghazal, available at Greenwich St. Jewelers
Aurela and Pierre bracelet
Chamarel bracelet in 18k white gold with oval sapphires and diamonds, £8,950; Aurelia & Pierre
Oscar Heyman necklace
Necklace in platinum with star sapphires, star rubies, and diamonds, price on request; Oscar Heyman


Kendra Pariseault
Cadence necklace in 14k gold with sapphires, $4,000; Kendra Pariseault
Alaia men’s ring in 18k gold with rainbow sapphires, $4,400; Suzanne Kalan
Emily P. Wheeler
Ombre ring in 18k gold with yellow sapphires, $7,400; Emily P. Wheeler
Harlin Jones
Spike earrings in 14k yellow gold with blue sapphires and diamonds, $1,995; Harlin Jones


Chinchar Maloney ring
Orion ring in 14k white gold with bicolor Australian sapphire and diamonds, $4,500; Chinchar Maloney
Briony Raymond
Scatter hoops in 18k gold with pink sapphires and diamonds, $14,500; Briony Raymond


Page Sargisson earrings
Stud earrings in 18k gold with rose-cut sapphires and diamonds, $2,520; Page Sargisson


OMI sapphire ring
Ring in platinum with 21.19 ct. emerald-cut sapphire and diamonds, $360,000; Omi Privé
sapphires Cicada
Top and above: Chandelier earrings in platinum with ombré blue sapphires. $23,400; Cicada


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