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Ankle Bracelets: This Summer’s Solution for the Client Who Has Everything

What to show your clients who have a ring for every finger, a necklace and bracelet for every occasion, and enough earrings to grace her multiple piercings several times over? Easy—the ankle bracelet. It’s this summer’s go-to piece for the woman who, quite literally, has everything. 

As we know, ultra-layered jewelry looks are hot this summer, and the anklet answers the our more-is-more mood. It’s also a no-brainer accessory for the season’s shorter hemlines.

The below ankle bracelets range from casual and bohemian to more elegant. But all can easily transition into the fall season—they’ll look just as cute with ankle-length trousers and flats as they do with flowing caftans. 

Renna anklet
Renna 18k yellow gold anklet bracelet, $2800
Gabriel and Co
Gabriel & Co. 14k white gold anklet, $620
Zoe Chicco anklet
Zoe Chicco 14k yellow gold anklet with diamonds, $875
The Last Line anklet
Top and above: The Last Line 14k yellow gold anklet with emeralds, $2,050
Allurez 14k white gold ankle bracelet with diamonds and sapphires, $837


Brevani 14k yellow gold ankle bracelet, $1,950


Established Jewelry
Established Jewelry 14k yellow gold ankle bracelet, $3,800
Eriness 14k yellow gold ankle bracelet, $995
Stuller sterling silver ankle bracelet, $20


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