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A Fond Farewell: From The Zing Report Editors

Dear TZR Reader: After two fantastic years, we at Jewelers Mutual Group have decided to stop publication of The Zing Report. Thank you for being...

Trends and Fashion

Ippolita’s Holiday Collection Celebrates the Beauty of Precious Metals

Colored gemstone jewelry is still on fire in the fine jewelry market, but right behind it in popularity are ultra-bold styles that celebrate...

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Jennifer Markas Joins Jewelers Mutual Group as Head of Industry Relations

Jennifer Markas, longtime executive director of Women’s Jewelry Association (WJA), has joined Jewelers Mutual as the new head of industry relations. She will...

Trends and Fashion

The Demi-Fine Jewelry Market is Growing—Check Out 5 Demi Brands We Love

“Demi-fine” is one of those jewelry terms that has multiple definitions. It can refer to jewelry collections that are sterling silver, vermeil (gold...

DiamondsLab Grown Diamonds

GIA Evaluates its First Ring Carved From a Single Lab Diamond

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has evaluated its first ever ring cut from a single laboratory-grown diamond, it announced today. The 4.04...

DiamondsGemstonesTrends and Fashion

Maya Gemstones on Perfecting the Trillion and the Future of Recycled Materials

Maya Gemstones founder Olga Pekarevskaia debuted her own triangular-cut diamond in 2019 as an alternative to trillion-cut diamonds, which lag behind other cuts...

Trends and FashionWatches

The Most Expensive Watches Owned by Musicians

Major music artists are among the most enthusiastic watch collectors—they’re in the public eye so often, and sporting a new, classic, or cult-favorite...

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Sweet Shop: Jewelry Store Tiny Gods is a Feast for the Eyes

Like so many college graduates, Mary Margaret Beaver moved to New York City to seek out her professional calling. In the aughts,...

JM Intel

How Safe is Buying and Selling on Memo? Not Very

For new and untested designers, entering a memo (a.k.a. consignment) agreement with a retailer can feel like a “worth-it” proposition. You don’t get...

RetailThe Zing Minute

The Zing Minute—Retailer Edition! 60-Second Chats from the Floor of Las Vegas Jewelry Week

The Zing Report team set up a Zing-themed filming booth on the show floor of JCK Las Vegas to tape a series of one-minute...


The Future of Retail: Q&A with Esqueleto Stores Founder Lauren Wolf

Independent fine jewelry retail owners have been forced to navigate extreme shifts these past few years, including COVID-19’s lockdowns and the pendulum swing...

JM Intel

6 Tips for Hiring a Security Guard for Special Events

You’ve been preparing for this event all year—you were able to secure a celebrated jewelry designer for a trunk show at your location....

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